This is the ZUI semiGSI which was made from Lenovo Z5 system. ZUI is a customized version of android just like MIUI, for ZUK series smartphone of Lenovo. It is different from MIUI and gives a new simplistic look and smoother experience. This semiGSI is based on Android 8.1 and is 64bit. You can use google camera , moto camera as well as the default ZUI camera. Other than this there are some bugs ,which can not be fixed due to limitation from vendor and system.

Due to community project treble support for G5 Plus , its been possible to use it on G5 Plus. If you want to proceed to install this on your G5 Plus, you need to have a rooted and unlocked phone along with treble TWRP installed. If you didn't understood what I just said, then this thing is not for you. It needs some common knowledge of these things, you can look on google for more information about these things.

Screenshots given in the end of the post.

Let's start with bugs 🤪
1. NFC /FM

2. Some other unknown things which I haven't noticed.


• An unknown person - for making the sGSI
• Shivvvvvv- For fixing and nuking some things specifically for Potter.
• Rahil Vaidya

You don't need to flash MIUI vendor or any patches this time, just restore the twrp backup and you are done.

Files Needed

How to flash

1- Extract the zip, it is a TWRP backup of boot , system and vendor, Put the whole extracted system backup folder in the TWRP backup folder. (Internal Storage/TWRP/backups/*device id"/here).

2- Go to TWRP and wipe system, data, cache and dalvik cache.

3- Restore the ZUI 5.0 system,boot and vendor backup using restore option in TWRP

4- Reboot now. ;) It will take around 5-10 minutes to boot.

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