Official ViperOS rom is now availbale for Lenovo A6000 & A6000+ . Has.007 (Hassan Sardar) is the official maintainer of ViperOS for A6000/A6000+ . This rom will be updated every week .You can update to new version with the inbuilt OTA updater app .

ViperOS is based on LineageOS . ViperOS is currently a new ROM in android world and more features are being added to make it more customizable amd stable .It provides more customization options than LineageOS .You can see sceenshots to take a glance at the features.

I am using this rom since two days on my Lenovo A6000 Plus. The best or maybe the worst part is that I am using it without gapps . Its my choice , I want to get more battery backup so I ditched Google Apps . I am using this rom with magisk as root solution . You can flash gapps . I am getting perfect battery backup wothout gapps but i am sure it will also give good battery backup with gapps .

Performance wise I would say its the second best rom I used after AOSP-Extended . ViperOS is based on LineageOS so its perfotmance is awesome on 2GB ram variant and I think its will run pretty smooth on 1GB RAM variant. Kernel has ZRAM support . Kernel is simple but it is tuned to make the performance better and smooth . There are not much option to tune kernel and other features such as sound gain . Since its a stock kernel so less options is a good thing . If you want to tune kernel you can use Phantom Legacy Kernel by Dev_Harsh1998 , which is overvlocked and provide more tuning options.

Customization wise there are plenty of options available for an average user . It has a light and a dark theme to choose . If you are not a fan of substratum then you can use this dark theme at night with just a click . Dark theme turn the background of settings, file manager , download manager to black . So its a useful theme .I am not using substratum because of this .

Other Important Customization features-
• Stock launcher has awesome & good looking pixel rounded icons . I ditched nova because of this .😂
• Button Mapping
• Navbar Support
• A new battety indicator (Gauge)
• Show/Hide data disable icon ( The cross sign above signal bar (x) when data is off)
• Recent style choose between Card & GridUI
• Task Locking (only in CardUI)
• Three finger gesture for screnshot
• You can now take screenshot by mapping screenshot feature to any button . such as i can take scrrenshot by long pressing back button.
• other features (See screenshot)



• No Bugs for me. Black screen issue after boot logo & camera blue flicker is also fixed.


ROM NameViperOS
Android Version7.1.2 (Nougat)
Build On Updated Weekly
ROM Version2.0
Theme Support (OMS)Yes
ROM size349 MB
Download Link (official) ViperOS (16-06-2017)
GappsFrom Here
Magisk 12.0From Here
Maintainer & Dev Has.007

How To Flash

1. Download The ROM in internal storage or External SD card as you wish.

2. Reboot to Recovery. Flash TWRP 3.1 for better support . Download

3. Make a backup of Current ROM (optional but recommended).

4. Wipe Data/Cache/System/Dalvik Cache.

5. Click Install and Select the ROM you downloaded and Slide the bottom bar to start flashing.

6. Flash Gapps.

7. Flash Magisk Zip

9. Reboot.

9. Well now you can enjoy your new ROM .

If you have any doubt regarding flashing then comment.