This post will not be updated anymore. Author of this theme has created a new android app "EMUI Theme Factory" which contains all of his EMUI Themes . To support the developer I am stopping updating all themes created by Mr.Cncn and I suggest you to download his Theme app from Play Store to get updated themes. I will continue adding more EMUI 5 themes which are not created by Mr.cncn.

Bored of looking at the same blue and white colours of EMUI skin ? Want something different and similar to stock Android skin as we see in all Google smartphones . Most people like stock android look to keep their phone interface looking minimal . Earlier I shared a material UI based SimpleUI theme which has different ascent colour for each app.

Xda Senior Member Mr.Cncn created a theme for devices running EMUI 5 and 5.1 which provide colours and icons similar to stock android . Most of the system apps are themed .

There are some minor bugs in this theme. Theme is still in beta phase , so bugs will be solved in future updates .
• Some icons in settings are not changed .
• settings menu slider font is black (and will remain)
• few apps/settings may not be theme.

Changelogs :
2017-04-21 Beta 2:
- added new settings menu icons: mobile data off, trust space
- new app drawer icon
- files app new look
- backup app new look
- 3 versions with different DPI presets: default DPI (360), medium DPI (400), high (440)
- modified icon pack with round folders
- fixed some phone manager colors
- fixed popup window bug
- fixed recent apps names color
- new contact edit screen is now better visible

There are three versions of this theme
Beta 2a - For Devices With Default DPI (360)
Beta 2b - For Default With Medium DPI (400)
Beta 2c - For Default With Large DPI (400)

So download according to your DPI or You can try both .If you not sure about DPI then first try default version and if you observe irregular/big/small elements/images/icon then try Medium/High DPI versions.


NameSimply N
VersionBeta 2
Updated On 21 April
Size5.4 MB
Download Beta 2a
Download Beta 2b
Download Beta 2c
EMUI version5.0+/NOUGAT
Created ByMr. CNCN
Source xda

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How to use ?

1. Download the theme file from above link . Its a .hwt file which simply means HuaWeiThemes.

2. Now move the downloaded theme file to HWThemes folder in Internal Storage . If the folder is not present then you can create new HWThemes folder in internal storage.

3. After moving theme file to HWThemes folder ,open Themes app from your homescreen.

4. Now you will see the new theme in your theme list. Click on it and then apply.

5. A Reboot is better after applying a theme .

If you face any problem while following this process you can comment and I will try to provide you with a possible solution.
You can share this theme with your friends/family amd other emui users.