What is APK Tool For Android

This project makes it possible to run apktool on android,in other words,you can decompile and recompile apk file without a computer,just with your android phone. 

It works both on rooted and non-rooted android phones . It makes easy to edit smali codes. 

How To Install :

Uninstall any Previous Version of ApkTOOl for Android (Skip If Not Installed)

2.Download and Install APK From The Links Given Below

3. Now open APKTool and go to system > framework folder .

4. Find Framework-res.apk and tap on it then select Import as Framework. 

5. Now go to system > priv-app > System UI and click on systemui apk then click Import as Framework .

6. Setup is complete now enjoy compiling and decompiling apps. 

Downloads : 

ApkTOOl for Android v6.1.0  APK–arm64

ApkTOOl for Android v6.1.0 APK–arm

ApkTOOl for Android v6.1.0 APK–arm Root

ApkTOOl for Android v6.1.0 APK–x86