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at December 09, 2016

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Tech Giant Microsoft is rolling out newest and Freshest update to Cortana on Android and iOS devices.Microsoft gave a brand new look for the personal assistant. The new look for Cortana on Android and iOS is much different and seems better than the personal assistant looks on Windows 10.

The new design on Android does look a lot prettier and cleaner than the current Cortana on Windows 10 design. In a blog post, the Cortana team stated:

"Since releasing Cortana on Android and iOS a year ago in the US, you have been telling us what you liked and how you’d like it to be improved. We listened. We’ve created a more simplified look and feel for the apps, designed with your mobile life in mind. Now you can get to what you need faster and easier than ever before with quick actions, putting the most frequent things you do front and center, so setting a reminder or viewing your reminders is just a tap away when you don’t want to use voice."

The new Cortana design on Android and iOS now comes with a purple accent, but in near future with new updates users will be able to customize the accent of Cortana on their mobile devices soon.

And here are some screenshots:

The personal assistant has been available in the United Sates to Android and IOS users. But you can download the new version apk file released in usa and enjoy it on your android.




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