•New Update/Patch Released
•22nd January
- Fix Missed Call Notification
- Fix low in-call volume
- Updated Semar Kernel Release 5
People Who are Already Using This ROM can flash Patch zip .Do not flash whole ROM.

CandySix is a custom Rom based on cyanogenMod 13 running android 6.0 (MarshMallow). This rom comes with a custom kernel which is built from source. So you don't have to flash any custom kernel. Its a 32 bit Rom. It comes with various customization options as we see in all cyanogenMod based roms. It is build by Mr. AW and his team .

Kernel Supports Double Tap To Wake (DT2W) feature so you can just tap on your screen to unlock your phone .



  • CM Theme Engine
  • DUI(Fling,smartbar and pulse)
  • Battery bar
  • LCD denisty options
  • Multi-window
  • Status bar customization
  • Quick setting customization
  • Quick setting pull down options
  • Force expand notifications
  • Time context headers in panel
  • DarkUI switch
  • Advanced power menu
  • Animations
  • -Power munu
  • -List view
  • -System
  • -Toast
  • Navbar customization:
  • -Navbar button color
  • -Slim-Dim
  • -Navbar DPI
  • -DT2S on Navbar
  • Slim recents
  • Omniswitch
  • App circle sidebar
  • Gestures
  • Pie
  • Lockscreen customizations
More to come.

Kernel Features

  • Wake Gesture (DoubleTap2Wake) + MusiqMod

    - MusiqMod only enable if jack input detected.

    - MusiqMod controls: prev track, play/pause, next track.

    - MusiqMod controls position 500px from top (about 1/3 of screen).
  • Pocket Detection
  • Lot of Governors: alucard, authority, barry_allen, blu_active, electrodemand, impulse, intel, interactive_pro, lionfish, pegasusq, smartmax, wheatley, yankactive, zzmoove (Please disable all hotplugs), interactive, bioshock.
  • Hotplugs: IntelliPlug, MSM Hotplug, Mako, MSM MPDecision, Alucard.
  • Intellithermal
  • Adreno Idler
  • GPU Clock 100-465Mhz.
  • KCAL
  • Faux Sound 3.4
  • Fast Charge
  • frandom
  • Oher Various Tweaks....


ROM NameCandySix
Android Version6.0.1 (Marshmallow)
Theme SupportYes
Download LinkCandySix
Download LinkPATCH 1
GappsFrom Here

How To Flash

1. Download The ROM in internal storage or External SD card as you wish.

2. Reboot to Recovery.Downlaod

3. Make a backup of Current ROM (optional but recommended).

4. Wipe Data/Cache/System/Dalvik Cache.

5. Click Install and Select the ROM you downloaded and Slide the bottom bar to start flashing.

6. Flash Patch Zip file.

7. Flash the gapps.

8. Reboot.

9. Wait for 4-5 minutes to Boot up the ROM

10. Well now you can enjoy your new ROM .


• Mr. AW and His Team.
•Rom source - XDA


• Not Listed

Comment if you face any problem.