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at December 09, 2016

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Are you using jio sim ? Well thats a dumb question. Are you tired of slow Download speed and surfing speed of jio network.
I am sure your answer will be Yes.

I am also a jio user but I can not even browsee properly in daytime because of huge load on jio network. I noticed that all websites that is owned by google works without stucking on loading such as youtube, Google drive , blogger etc. whenever I use these sites there is no problem in surfing and watching videos but when I try to use other websites which are not related to google , It becomes very slow and most of the time it does not load the website i want.

I searched many blogs and found various tricks that claims to increase speed on jio sim such as by changing APN and this and that but they didn't worked for me.

Finally I tried to use opera VPN and I was amazed to see that It really works. Now whenever I use internet, firstly I turn Opera VPN On. Now i browse every site without stucking on loading.

I use opera VPN because it provide unlimited speed. So I am telling you the steps to increase your internet speed.


1. First Of all download Opera Vpn from Google Play or Download From Here

2. Open Opera VPN and Click On "Get Started"

3. Now accept permission to create secure VPN connection.

4.Click On "Connect" and you will be connected to a random country.

5. Now click on "Change Country" and select "Singapore" . This step important.

6. Finally you will be connected to Singapore Server.

7. Open Chrome browser or any other browser and surf.

It works for me without any problem hope it will be helpful for you.

Comment if you face any problem while setting up opera VPN.

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