This list will contain all the substratum themes which works on Android Pie. It is now necessary to be rooted in order to use substratum theme, if you are not rooted using magisk then you can not use these themes on Android Pie 9.0.

For now, to use these themes you need to install substratum on your phone which you can download from here . Earlier we needed to use a specific Ci version of substratum to use themes on Pie. Ci build of substratum is not needed now, the substratum app from Play Store works for Pie too.
The instruction on How to use substratum themes on Android Pie is given in the end.

Here is the list of substratum themes for Android 9.0.

Name Downloads
1 • Ethereal Play Store
2 • Outline Play Store
3 • Risalto Dark Play Store
4 • Pitch Black Play Store
5 • Mono/Art Play Store
6 • Belo Play Store
7 • Victory Play Store
8 • Gravija Play Store
9 • Vaccum Play Store
10 • Ion Play Store
11 • Domination Play Store
12 • BigBlu Play Store
13 • Nano Play Store
14 • Greyscale Play Store
15 • RoundedUI Play Store
16 • BioHazard Play Store
17 • Calypso Play Store
18 • Compound Play Store
19 • Dark Infusion Play Store
20 • AospUI/black Play Store
21 • Substweaks Play Store
22 • Nineteen Play Store

How To Use

Keep all of your apps up to date to avoid error while building overlays.
  • Download the substratum app and the theme which you want to apply from Play Store
  • Open Substraum and grant root access, then select the theme.
  • Select your android version (9.0/Pie) and enable the toggle in front of it. Choose the theme preferences as you like.
  • Now tap on the floating button then click "Build and Enable".
  • Now reboot your phone and open substratum again.
  • Tap on "Manager" and you will see list of all the compiled overlays ,then rnable "Select to toggle all overlays".
  • Then tap on the floating button again and select "Enable Selected".
  • Done.

Important Note - For some people the overlays don't appear in Manager after reboot. If that happens , make sure you disable all magisk module and do the whole process again. You can enable modules later.

If you face any problem , you can ask by commenting here.