Today I am sharing the all the custom kernels available for Lenovo A6000 and A6000 Plus . Custom kernels provide various options to utilize the hardware of smartphones. Stock Kernels which comes with the phone when we buy it doesn't provide much options to control the hardware. A kernel in an operating system—in this case Android—is the component responsible for helping your applications communicate with your hardware. It manages the system resources, communicates with external devices when needed, and so on. Android uses a variation of the Linux kernel. A kernel is not the same as a ROM, even though you install them in mostly the same way. A ROM is a bit more all-encompassing. It's the operating system you use on your phone, the software your phone uses to get things done—the kernel is the bridge between that ROM and your hardware.

A custom kernel can be used to increase performance of phone by overclocking the CPU and GPU , it can also increase battery life.

There are some kernels are available for lenovo A6000/+ . I am sharing them all at one place.

Phantom Reborn

Support For : ARM64 | Nougat 7.1

Note : If you want to use it on MIUI(5.1) then download Phantom R4 from download link.

Feature :
1:- LA.BR.1.2.9_rb1.22 Kernel Tag
2:- Prima LA.BR.1.2.9_rb1.22
3:- F2FS from Linux 4.13_rc2 (latest)
4:- Ext4 from linux 4.4 mainstream (OP5 kernel)
5:- Black boot screen issue resolved
6:- Compiled with custom Linaro's Snapshot GCC with hg-binutils- you can grab my build here
7:- CPU Unlocked till 1.4 and unlocked available frequency cluster
8:- GPU 465Mhz with tuned Adreno Idler
9:- Hotplugs :- ASMP, State Helper, Zen Decision, Phantomized IntelliPlug
10:- Unlocked & Tuned all available TCPs
11:- Added Some popular governors
12:- Phantom Gain controls
13:- Wake Mods
14:- Fast charge

Download Link : Phantom Kernel

By : Harshit Jain (DevHarsh1998)

The Raging Beast Kernel

Support For : ARM32 | Kitkat/Marshamallow/Nougat/Oreo

Feature :
1. TheRagingBeast_ Kernel Manager App, screenies below
2. CPU VOLTAGE TABLE :-> u can control it via KA / EX kernel manager
3. Overclocked And undervolted
4. More wakelock toggles now
5. Built from a minimal source that i will push to my github soon
6. Kernel Tag LA.BR.1.2.9-03710-8x16.0
7. Prima Tag LA.BR.1.2.9-03710-8x16.0
8. A lot of CPU governors
9. CPU Hotplugs
10. PowerSaving WorkQueue
11. Fast Charge
12. Sound Gain
13. KCal Control
14. CPUQuiet Framework portted from yureka
15. Vibration Intensity Controller
16. FastCharge

Download Link (MM/N/O): Raging Beast Kernel

Download Link (Kitkat and MIUI ROMs): Raging Beast Kernel

By : Varun Hutiya

Semar Kernel

Support For : ARM32 | Lollipop/Marshamallow/Nougat

Feature :
1. Wake Gesture (DoubleTap2Wake + Sweep2Wake) + MusiqMod
- MusiqMod only enable if jack input detected.
- MusiqMod controls: prev track, play/pause, next track.
- MusiqMod controls position 500px from top (about 1/3 of screen).
2. Pocket Detection.
3. CPU Clock 200 MHz - 1.4 GHz
4. GPU Clock 100-465MHz.
5. Undervolted to save battery and reduce heat issue.
6. Lot of Governors: alucard, authority, barry_allen, blu_active, electrodemand, impulse, intel, interactive_pro, lionfish, pegasusq, smartmax, wheatley, yankactive, zzmoove (Please disable all hotplugs), interactive, bioshock.
7. Hotplugs: IntelliPlug, MSM Hotplug, Mako, MSM MPDecision, Alucard.
8. Intellithermal
9. Adreno Idler
10. KCAL
11. Faux Sound 3.4
12. Fast Charge.
13. frandom.
14. exFat.
15. Some native crypto algorithm.
16. USB keyboard/mouse for your PC. Use this app
17. Wakelock bypasser option. Support 4 kind of wakelocks

Download Link (LL/MM/N): Semar Kernel Kernel

Download Link (LL- VibeUI and MIUI): Semar Kernel Kernel

By : Mr. AW

Prometheus Kernel

Support For : ARM32 | Kitakt/Lollipop/Marshamallow

Feature :
- Overclock : CPU OC to 1.6 Ghz / GPU OC to 465 Mhz
- Power Customization : USB Fast Charging / Doze Mximum Battery saving
- Governers
- IO Schedulers
- Wakelocks

Download Link (KK): Prometheus-KitKat

Download Link (LL): Prometheus-Lollipop

Download Link (MM): Prometheus-MM

By : ED300