DOT OS (Droid On Time) is another custom ROM for Android devices which focuses on performance and stability. This is a lineageOS based ROM and its 32bit and running on android Nougat. This rom is a little bit different from most of the custom ROMs you have used till now.

So what makes it different from other ROMs?
Well the developer of this ROM worked hard to customize every default app of this ROM . The work they have done on the User Interface such as animations and themes is worth praising.

User interface is similar to android oreo, it is mostly white . They provided themes to change the colors of settings as well as the status bar. We can choose status bar color between white and black. There are 3-4 themes available . Basically they have the color engine in their ROM, and they tweaked the colors provided more option of colors. So its worth noticing . The color of dialer and contacts is black (Blue is boring now ). The music app and the messaging apps are awesome . we can choose colors as we like to customize them.

The best thing I mostly liked about this ROM is the Animations . Every animation is customized in this ROM .Such as opening and closing of apps, pop up dialogues , animation when clicking on a input box. You can see the animations in Video given in this post below .

Battery backup and performance is great because it is based on lineage OS. It will work smoothly on 1GB RAM device.

About customization options - well not much options but only important customization options are available. You can see them in video.

DOT OS- Video



Android Version 7.1.2(Nougat/Arm32)
ROM Version1.1
Theme Support (OMS/Substratum)Yes
ROM size315 MB
Download Link DOT OS 1.1
GappsFrom Here
For RootMagisk Or SuperSu
Maintainer & Dev Mayank (mayu)

How To Flash

1. Download The ROM/Gapps in internal storage or External SD card as you like.

2. Reboot to Recovery. Flash TWRP 3.1.1 (Hyper) for better support . Download

3. Make a backup of Current ROM (optional but recommended).

4. Wipe Data/Cache/System/Dalvik Cache.

5. Click Install and Select the ROM you downloaded and Slide the bottom bar to start flashing.

6. Flash Gapps.

7. Flash SuperSu or Magisk.

9. Reboot.

9. Well now you can enjoy your new ROM .


No Bugs

Post your comment if you face any problem while installing or you can join International A6000/+ Telegram group for help and updates about new ROMs.