Hi guys in this post I am going to tell you about all custom kernels which are developed for our A6000/+ smartphone.

If you are here that means you already have some knowledge about kernels . But if you don't have any knowledge than do a little bit research before flashing these kernels. So without wasting time let's start ....

1 . Phantom Kernel Reborn R4 (MM+LP+Nougat)

Probably the best kernel till now for A6000/+ .
CPU is Overclocked to 2000mhz or 2Gh and GPU is overclocked at 720mhz. Thats Insane .It comes with various CPU governors and HotPlugs. It is developed by Dev_Harsh1998 .

Other Features of this Kernel -

• Uber+Linaro 6.2.1 Toolchain Targeted for cortex a53.
• State Notifier Driver
• Lcd Notifier
• KCAL support
• wlan wake locks toggle support
• frandom support
• Fast Charge
• Vibration intensity control
• Exfat/NTFS support
• Tuned Hotplugs
• Cpu Governors
• i/o Schedulars
• Reverse Engineered Adapted Intelli Plug
• HID USB Keyboard & Mouse support
• Faux sound control 3.6

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2 . Prometheus Kernel  (MM•32/64bit) V3.1

This is a simple kernel with various CPU governers . It also Support DT2W (Double Tap To Wake ) feature which means you can unlock your phone just by tapping two times on screen without using unlock button. It Supports Sweep to wake that means you can just swipe on screen to wake up your phone without using hardware buttons. These features are good but also causes battery issues. These feature will drain your battery quickly.
It is Developed By ED300.

All Features-

-Fast Zoom to Camera
-Start up Profile Included For Ease-use
-Hotplugs :

-Power Customization :
•USB Fast Charging
•Doze Mximum Battery saving

- Suspend Mode :
•auto sleep
•lcd panel

- Wake Controls :
•Double Tab to Wake
•Sweep to Wake

- Overclock :
•CPU OC to 1.6 Ghz
•GPU OC to 465 Mhz

Governors :

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3 . Gods Kernel v2 (MM+LP)

Another kernel built for A6000/+ which was last updated in April. After looking at comments in XDA forum thread of this kernel I can say that it is not totally stable. Its CPU is also overclocked to 1.6Ghz and GPU to 465mhz.
It is developed by Tarun93.


•Alucard Hotplug
•NEON optimized kernel
•exFAT support
•USB Fast Charging
•Fsync toggle
•CPU OC to 1.6Ghz
•GPU OC to 465 Mhz
•selinux will be permissive on boot but can we changed
•KCAL v2
•allow userspace config of simple_ondemand
•Intelli_Thermals V3.0
•Adaptive LMK

features exposed to user
•-entle fair sleepers
•arch power
•software crc
•Power efficient work-queues
•added few more wakelock fixes


I/O Schedulers
•Zram backport from mainline Linux 4.1
•VM reclaim
•build with UBER TC 4.9 (arm/aarch64)

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Share Any Other Kernel If you know about it.