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at February 12, 2017

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This post will not be updated anymore. Author of this theme has created a new android app "EMUI Theme Factory" which contains all of his EMUI Themes . To support the developer I am stopping updating all themes created by Mr.Cncn and I suggest you to download his Theme app from Play Store to get updated themes. I will continue adding more EMUI 5 themes which are not created by Mr.cncn.

This is the 5th theme which I am sharing with for All devices running EMUI 5.0. Previously I shared Dark Bloom IOSwoniu , Pure Dark Theme & Britist Accent Theme for EMUI 5.0 These theme will work on all huawei smartphones running EMUI 5.0/Nougat .It will work on Huawei mate 9 and Huawei P9 running Nougat with Emui 5.0+. As you know huawei provide a theme center with usally 5-6 themes. So i am going to post some themes which are customized by indivisual users .

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DownloadFrom Here
EMUI version5.0+/NOUGAT
Created Bymr.mrcn

How to use EMUI theme?

1. Download the theme file from above link . Its a .hwt file which simply means HuaWeiThemes.

2. Now move the downloaded theme file to HWThemes folder in Internal Storage . If the folder is not present then you can create new HWThemes folder in internal storage.

3. After moving theme file to HWThemes folder ,open Themes app from your homescreen.

4. Now you will see the new theme in your theme list. Click on it and then apply.

If you face any problem while following this process you can comment and I will try to provide you with a possible solution.

You can share this theme with your friends/family.

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