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at January 19, 2017

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There are various articles are available over the internet on how to enable google assistant on nougat devices. Most of the articles tell users to edit build prop to change the device name to pixel and add two three extra lines to enable google assistant but some users can not get it to work. But in this article i am going to tell you how you can enable google assistant on nougat devices without changing anything in build.prop. Root is required.

What You Need

1. Nougat ROM with Root Access
2. TWRP Recovery
3. A zip file to flash with twrp which enables google assistant.Download from Below.


NameAssistant Enabler

How To Flash

1. Download suitable zip file (32bit Devices-arm)(64bit Devices-Arm64).

2. Reboot Into TWRP Recovery.

3. Flash assistant enabler zip.

4. Reboot.

Supported languages: English and German.

If Google Assistant is not showing up: go to the Google app info and wipe its data.
Make sure that "Search assistant" or "Now on tap" is set as long-press action for home button.

OnePlus 3 users: "The Google Assistant" starts "by holding the finger print scanner for 1 sec."

For more info and updates see this XDA Thread.

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