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at July 15, 2017

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As we all know Android O will be released in upcoming months , maybe in September . Android O will only be supported by devices running having 64bit support. Which means devices running on 32bit processors will not be able to enjoy Android O .But it doesn't means that 32bit devices will be dead after Android O . Google has some plans for 32bit users also .According to some reports they are working on a lighter version of Android O .

So let's come to point. Lenovo A6000 and A6000 Plus supports 64bit processor. When Lenovo gave lollipop update for A6000/+ , it was a 64bit update.

So users of A6000/+ will get android O . But How ?
As we all know Lenovo dropped support for Lenovo A6000/+ after lollipop update. From then we enjoyed new version of Android with the help of custom ROMs . When users were using stock lollipop that time StuepD and some other devs ported CM based ROMs . After that marshmallow Roms were ported and then the time for nougat ROMs came. Nougat ROMs were ported from Redmi2 by Mohammed Shoaib and other devs but everything changed when Dev-Harsh1998 came . Lenovo gave us some uncomplete source code of stock lollipop . FlourMo tried to make a stable tree for CyanogenMod but failed , there were some bugs that time because of incomplete code.

Harshit is experienced in device tree making things and he made a stable branch for nougat ROMs by doing some kanging from other devices such as Redmi and Yu as well as our own stock lollipop. Mohammed Shoaib and Karthick helped him in this process. Because of their hard work we have now more than 8+ official ROMs and other 10+ unofficial source build ROMs.

In order to prepare for Android O update , Harshit and Shoaib decided to update the device tree for 64bit support. The tree is almost stable after some testing and bug fixing and we are seeing some 64 bit ROMs coming out . They are pretty stable now and can be used as daily driver. The tree is being optimized for Lenovo A6000 devices because of only 1GB ram.

So I will share all 64bit roms here . Follow the flashing instructions carefully .I am writing flashing instruction first .


Things You Need -
1 • •• 64Bit TWRP - Use this TWRP to flash any 64bit ROM. Its important to use this TWRP . You can also flash other ROMs without any problem .

2 • •• Firmware Hex Patch - Flash this once only .No need to flash again and again before flashing ROMs .If you already flashed it then don't flash again.

3 • Gapps - You can flash OpenGapps Or GZR Gapps . I recommend GZR Gapps (lightweight).
•• Download Opengapps (arm64 > 7.1 > nano/pico)
•• Download GZR Gapps

3 • •• Magisk 13.2 - For Rooting .


1•• > Reboot To Recovery.

2•• > Backup Existing ROM (Recommended).

3•• > Wipe Cache/Dalvik Cache/system/Data .

4•• > Flash Firmware Hex Patch (If you flashed it before then don't flash again).

5 •• > Flash Downloaded 64bit ROM .

6 •• > Flash OpenGapps Or GZR Gapps.

7 •• > Flash Magisk V13.2.

8 •• > Reboot > Wait .

9 •• > Its done bro ...set it up and enjoy.

64Bit Roms

Click On ROM Name to Download .

Name ••• LineageOS (OMS)
Author ••• Dev_Harsh1998
Android Version •••• 7.1.2 (Nougat)

Name ••• AOSP-Extended 4.4
Author ••• Hassan "MC"
Android Version •••• 7.1.2 (Nougat)

Name ••• AOSCP 4.0.5
Author ••• Mayu (Mayank Bali)
Android Version •••• 7.1.2 (Nougat)

More ROMs will be added when they are out.
If You found nay bugs then join this chutiyapa group on telegram and tell your bugs there. If you any problem in flashing then comment here in comment box.
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