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at March 06, 2017

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Hi Guys , After a long time I am sharing a new ROM. This ROM is not ported by me , I am just sharing it. Updates Will be Provided Whenever Difa AGUNG port a new Version .I am using this ROM on my Lenovo A6000 Plus. More Screenshots will be added later (Too slow connection)

This is the Global stable version of MIUI ROM . It is ported from Redmi2 smartphone. I already shared the Russian Version Of MIUI . It was good but later it became unstable and users started facing some problems.

Global Versions Of MIUI are stable and have good battery backup and performance.

Follow the steps carefully , If anything goes wrong , I am not responsible. You can comment your query if you face any problem while flashing.

About ROM

• Various Languages .
• Good Battery Backup .
• Gapps Included.
• Themes
• Can be used with Semar Kernel .


• FM Radio Not Working (ewwww I can't fix that)

What You Need

1. 64 Bit TWRP Recovery By SevenMaxx(
Its a flashable zip.You can flash with Existing Recovery.
2. Download ROM From Here.
3. SuperSu V2.79 .
4. Semar Kernel .
5. Gapps are already included in ROM .No need to flash Gapps.

How To Flash

1. Download Required Thing as I mentioned above.

2. Reboot To Recovery .

3. Flash 64bit recovery by SevenMaxx

4. Again Reboot to recovery (Reboot > Recovery)

5. Important Step • Backup Everything . I mean check mark all options except system-partion .

6. Wipe System/Cache/data/Dalvik Cache

7. Flash ROM

8. Flash SuperSu

9. Flash Semar Kernel (Optional)

10. Reboot.

It will take 4-5 minutes to boot. Then You can enjoy your ROM.


• Indonesian Dev & Porter - Difa Agung

• A6000 Indonesian Facebook Group.


• Mr. AW for Semar Kernel

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