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at January 25, 2017

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What Is Amazon Prime Video ?

It is a premium video providing service where user have access to exclusive bollywood amd regional blockbusters,hollywood movies, US TV shows, award winning amazon originals and kids' shows. It was launched in India on December 14. You can download and stream all movies and tv shows on your smartphones. Videos can be downloaded in various quality .Amazon videos provide options for quality before you start a download i.e Best , Better , Good , amd Data Saver.

Is it Free ?

No. Its not free. You have to take prime membership of amazon in order to download videos from amazon prime videos which costs Rs. 499/Year . If you already are a prime member of amazon then you can access amazon prime video without paying extra money.

Why the hell post title claims 'For Free' ?

Well , Its free for new users for the first month. Amazon India is providing prime membership for all new users of amazon. Amazon prime is a service through which users can order products and the product will be delivered without any extra cost i.e delivery charges . Delivery charges depends on the size of material . It costs Rs. 40+ extra for non prime member. So new users can access to Amazon Prime and Amazon Video Prime for the first month. It costs nothing. Its free for 30 Days.

What I need to do ?

A new amazon account . Creating account omazon is very simple because they do not verify your email when you sign up. You can click Here To Sign Up . You can use any random email (djdekdndkdk@gmail.com) . You Just have to enter Your name , random Email address, and password to sign up. After sign up you have to go to open Desktop Version Of Amazon.in and in top right corner you can see "TRY PRIME" . Just click on and you are now a prime member to Amazon.In.

How To Download and Stream Videos ?

For Downloading and Straming videos you need the Amazon Prime Video app which you can download from Google Play. After Installing app you have to login with the account you just created on amazon.in . After login you will see lists of all movies , shows. If you want to download videos over mobile data then first disable "Download Over Wifi" from settings. You can choose the quality of videos before downloading.

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