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at January 08, 2017

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If you use the split-screen feature on Android 7.0+ devices to open two apps at a time then there is probably a specific pair of apps that you use more than other. I use YouTube and chrome at once to watch videos and chrome for surfing interet. Many users do not know about split screen feature and those who know about find it a little bit difficult to use this feature. So a new app called Screens- Multi Window Manager helps you to launch two apps at once with a shortcut.

Screens is a pretty simple app where you have to choose two apps that you want to open at once. After selecting two apps of your choice you can tap on create shortcut button , after that screens places a shortcut on your homescreen or launcher . You just have to click on that shortcut and you will see the apps you have selected will open in split-screen mode.

You can create as many shortcut as you can with your favorite pair of apps to launch two apps at once. Download Screens- Multi Window Manager From Google Play.

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