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at November 26, 2016

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Bothered by facebook video auto-play feature ? Well it is on by default in new version of facebook android app but you can disable this facebook video auto-play easily.

Its very fraustrating that when you scrolling through news feed in facebook and some video post appear and it starts playing itself . If you are not on wifi It just waste your precious Data Plan .

So how to disable it. Follow The Steps Given Below .

Disable On Android

  • Open Facebook App .
  • Now Swipe to last tab , i.e those three parallel lines .
  • Now scroll down and tap on "General Settings"
  • Now tap on **Video Auto Play" and turn it off.
  • Its Done

Disable On PC

If you have disabled video auto-play feature on facebook's android app it doesn't mean that it is also disabled on Facebook Desktop Website.

If you want to disable it on PC then
• Click On Videos
• Turn Off Auto-Play
• See the screenshot.

Hope you find this post helpful. comment if you face any problem related to this post.

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